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Senior Mobile Robot Engineer

Business Unit:  Chief Innovation Office
Division:  Core R&D
Department:  Core R&D Lab

Your Mission

This position is responsible for optimizing the manufacturing processes by creating precise Visual SLAM metholodogies and fleet management strategies. He/she will be in charge of developing VSLAM algorithms, coordinating multi-robot systems, allocating agents, optimizing routing and navigation, designing sensor architectures, and deploying software solutions.

What To Expect

  • Research and develop industrial fleet management control and innovative applications for industrial automation.
  • Mobile Robot Programing: KIVA, ROS 1/2.
  • Rapidly develop and deploy Visual SLAM methodologies onto mobile robotic platforms. 
  • Perform sensors and algorithm optimization through calibration or other software/hardware methods.
  • Design and implementation of new production & warehousing pipelines with the use of mobile robots.
  • Study and implementation of multi-fleet coordination and control methodologies on constraint systems for more than 70 robots.
  • Robotic fleet simulation for advanced algorithm testing.
  • Project management and coordination with industry partners.
  • Documentation of technical reports, program codes, and set-up manuals.

What You'll Bring

  • A Master's or Ph.D degree in Electrical/Mechanical/Computer Engineering or relevant discipline with more than 5 years of industry experience.
  • Extensive experience in mobile robotic fleet management, motion planning, process design.
  • Proven competence in creating own Fleet management algorithms/solutions with real application deployment.
  • Experience in Visual SLAM methodologies, sensors, controllers and software stacks.
  • Solid knowledge of process optimization, discrete event simulation and stochastic models.
  • Proficiency in implementing centralized control and communication algorithms using C#, SQL, Rest and MQTT.
  • Able to program industrial mobile robots using C/C++ and Python.
  • Experience with ROS 1/2, Linux OS, ARM-based system and other similar libraries or software tools.
  • Knowledge in UNITY integration, SQL Database manipulation and software in the loop control.
  • Any patent, publication, specialist certification, or award in robotics and automation is an added advantage.
  • Strong troubleshooting skills and methodical approach to fault finding.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.

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