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Senior IT Server Specialist

Business Unit:  Corporate
Division:  Business Planning Group
Department:  Information Technology Team

Your Mission

This position is responsible for building and administering IT infrastructure (Server, OS, Cloud) as a system engineer.

What To Expect

  • Monitor and maintain servers for the enterprise (Server, SAN Switch, Storage, HA Cluster, etc.).
  • Troubleshoot errors and repair failures (Server, SAN Switch, Storage, HA Cluster, etc.).
  • Configure HA Resource Cluster and monitor HA Status.
  • Administer and monitor server providers (cabling network, electricity, facilities, etc.) and Server Vendors (Dell, Hitachi, etc.).
  • Report server status on time.
  • Request service and work with server providers (Dell, HP, Hitachi, etc.) if necessary.
  • Administer and monitor OS (Linux-CentOS/Redhat/Ubuntu, Windows Server, vSphere).
  • Conduct daily routine checks and monitor server status (CPU, Disk, Memory, I/O, etc.).
  • Communicate with OS providers and open-source communities for following up OS management.
  • Report OS status on time and provide recommendations regularly.
  • Request service and work with OS providers (MS, VMware, etc.) if necessary.
  • Administer and monitor IaaS (OpenStack), PaaS (K8S, CI/CD Toolchain).
    Design and Test CI/CD Pipelines.
  • Troubleshoot IaaS (OpenStack), PaaS (K8S, Jenkins, Harbor, Nexus, etc.).

What You'll Bring

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer/Information technology preferred.
  • Over 3 years of experience in building and administering infrastructure (Server/OS/Cloud).
  • Knowledge of building and administering Server/OS/Cloud in the company.
  • Knowledge of open-source solutions.
  • Technical skills in Cloud Native Fields as a system engineer.

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