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PDI Specialist

Business Unit:  Sales & Marketing
Division:  Sales Innovation Group
Department:  Sales Team

Your Mission

This position is responsible for establishing and operating the administrative processes between vehicle sales, as well as the guidelines for vehicle preparation and registration for delivery to customers.

What To Expect

  • Monitor the status of vehicle production, provide information to customers, and support them in receiving vehicles at the desired time.
  • Establish a schedule for the preparation process to ensure vehicles are ready according to the customer's desired delivery date and facilitate progress at each stage.
  • Manage, guide, and collaborate with PDI coordinators to support overall PDI operations, ensuring cars are in top condition before installation works.
  • Develop and maintain good contractor relationships to ensure high standards and quality in work carried out on our cars.
  • Establish effective communication with Quality Control, Repair, and Production Teams to resolve issues related to repair works and parts defects.
  • Manage administrative tasks from vehicle production to customer delivery to support sales personnel.
  • Develop and manage procedures for all receiving, storage, and distribution operations of final products at HMGICS.
  • Manage vehicle inventory stock to ensure sales allocate the inventory first whenever the orders match.
  • Oversee PDI procedures to prepare vehicles for delivery to customers after production.
  • Handle and operate all expenses incurred during the vehicle sales period.

What You'll Bring

  • Bachelor's degree in Sales, Business Administration, or a related field.
  • Preferably 5 years of experience in PDI and administration within the automotive industry.
  • Ability to organize complex situations and materials in a simple way.
  • Proficiency in using and teaching sales and administration systems for vehicle sales operations.
  • Understanding of detailed vehicle purchase processes required by LTA.
  • Capability to develop collaborative relationships with team members and provide effective feedback.
  • Strong communication skills, with demonstrated excellence in oral, written, presentation, and interpersonal communication.

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