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Mobile Robot Software Engineer

Business Unit:  Manufacturing
Division:  Manufacturing Innovation Group
Department:  Mobile Robot & Equipment

Your Mission

This position is responsible for overseeing software aspects for multiple fleets of mobile robots in a manufacturing environment. He/she will be tasked to improve existing robot management software to increase productivity and optimize traffic on mobile robots with various AGV/AMR control systems.

What To Expect

  • Operation and verification of various mobile robot control and management software 
  • Identify problems, analyze information, and make evaluative judgements to recommend for improving the robot control and automation software
  • Verification and setup of sensors, peripherals, and communication technologies used in robot platforms
  • Liaise with suppliers to operate respective mobile robot platforms for manufacturing operations
  • Brainstorm potential improvements for mobile robots from software perspective
  • Improve UI of robot management software (i.e., ACS) and communication protocols between Mobile Robots
  • Improve fleet management software to control the various ACSs
  • Error code analysis and operational logic supplementation
  • Working with new technology development departments to upgrade operating robots and their software (incl. programing)
  • Modification, testing, and verification of mobile robot operation when production and operating conditions are changed for new vehicle models

What You'll Bring

  • At least 3 years of relevant experience (incl. research experience)
  • Experience with traffic control for multiple mobile robots
  • Basic understanding ROS-based software and embedded systems
  • Basic understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Basic understanding of C/C++, C#, Python, Java programming languages, etc.
  • Experience in C# for application development
  • Experience with Simultaneous Mapping & Localization (SLAM)
  • Familiar with Windows, UNIX operating system and scripting
  • Innovative thinking to build flexible manufacturing system to increase profitability