Logistics Technician

Business Unit:  Manufacturing
Division:  Manufacturing Innovation Group
Department:  Smart Logistics System

Your Mission

This position is responsible for conducting daily inspections and performing maintenance on logistics equipment, addressing minor issues promptly. Additionally, the role involves executing part picking based on system instructions.

What To Expect

  • Managing logistics automation equipment and support systems.
  • Analyzing root causes when problems occur, implementing corrective actions, and preventing the recurrence of system issues.
  • Conducting daily inspections of logistics equipment, performing maintenance for minor abnormalities, and ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Overseeing improvement processes for system efficiency and advancement, leveraging data from smart logistics systems utilizing big data/AI.
  • Executing part picking based on system instructions and managing hardware feeding.
  • Handling inventory management and undertaking other tasks as required within the logistics operations.

What You'll Bring

  • Minimum NITEC in any relevant field.
  • Experience in logistics will be a bonus.
  • Communication skills: Ability to express opinions logically.
  • Possession of a forklift license will be beneficial.