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Data Scientist

Business Unit:  Research & Development
Division:  Technology Innovation Group
Department:  AIR Center

Your Mission

This position is responsible for researching and developing advanced algorithms with the knowledge of data science or optimization to solve the real problems in the manufacturing process.

What To Expect

AI Research Center is seeking data scientists who have deep interests in one of the domains below, but not limited to:

 - Data Analytics: Multivariate time-series analysis, Forecasting models, Data mining, Pattern recognition
 - Optimization: Linear/Nonlinear Programming, Heuristic algorithms, Stochastic Process

  • Lead or participate in the project which aims for solving diverse problems from the automotive industry covering acquiring data, algorithm development, and system implementation
  • Drive research from concepts to feasible output to determine the viability of ideas that leverage the knowledge of data analytics or optimization. 
  • Acquire the state of the art technologies and present ways to use them for solving real-world problems
  • Operate and develop models/services deployed in the manufacturing process
  • Publishing papers in journals/conferences or applying for patents as a result of the research conducted

What You'll Bring

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent practical experience 
  • At least 2 years of research or development experience in data analytics, or optimization
  • Research experience in the manufacturing industry is preferred but not required
  • Experiences in publishing papers or articles from the research practices
  • Programming skills to implement a novel idea and show their feasibility in the problem solving
  • Experiences in the following: Regression/Classification/Clustering models, Large scale data analysis, Time series analysis, Forecasting models, or Kernel-based methods
  • Expertise in machine learning or data mining frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, or MLlib
  • Expertise in processing large scale datasets in distributed data frameworks (Hadoop, Spark, or Hive)
  • Experiences in the following: mathematical modeling and algorithm development using Mathematical programming (Linear programming, Mixed-integer programming), (Meta)Heuristic algorithms, Stochastic Process, or Combinatorial Optimization
  • Expertise in mathematical programming solvers including GUROBI, or CPLEX