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Chief Data Scientist

Business Unit:  Research & Development
Division:  Technology Innovation Group
Department:  AIR Center

Your Mission

This Head of Department position is responsible for setting up and driving the usage of advanced analytics, data science, and machine learning to resolve real-life industrial problems and deploy the ideated solutions in production environments in Singapore, Korea, and globally. The initial focus for HMGICS is manufacturing, but it is expected that the role will encompass real-life problems along the end-to-end value chain. The Chief Data Scientist is also responsible for representing HMGICS CIO at Hyundai Motor Group HQ's global committee on AI/ML, aligning development, and shaping AI adoption at scale at the group level.

What To Expect

HMGICS is seeking a Chief Data Scientist with experience and a willingness to build and strengthen a team to tackle real-life industrial problems and apply scalable solutions in a mass-production environment. Candidates should have expertise in at least one of the following domains: Data Analytics, Optimization, AI/ML, Generative AI & LLMs. Additionally, candidates should have a functional interest in at least one of the following areas: logistics, supply chain, assembly, quality, maintenance, or enterprise functions.


As Head of Department, you will build and lead a team of data scientists to solve complex industrial problems using data science, AI/ML, and Generative AI. You will work with the CIO to promote wider adoption of these technologies across the organization. Responsibilities include:


  • Collaborating with the CIO organization to deploy data scientists on multi-disciplinary teams improving logistics, supply chain, assembly, maintenance, and quality.
  • Standardizing data and MLOps platforms for use within HMGICS and globally.
  • Serving as project director or technical expert on key projects, managing execution from inception to deployment.
  • Representing the CIO and coordinating with the Global ML Committee to align R&D activities and drive AI adoption at scale across the enterprise, including factories in Korea and overseas.


What You'll Bring

  • Master’s Degree or PhD in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics, or equivalent practical experience.
  • At least 5 years of experience as a lead data scientist solving industrial problems and ensuring the adoption of data science and AI solutions.
  • Preferred experience in the manufacturing and/or automotive industry.
  • Mandatory experience in implementing data science and AI projects at scale in industrial environments, with a plus for successful applications of Generative AI and LLMs beyond POCs.
  • Strong problem-solving leadership: breaking down complex issues, developing and implementing novel ideas, and deploying solutions at scale.
  • Leadership in rallying diverse technology specialists, influencing department mindsets, and driving continuous organizational improvement with data and AI.
  • Strategic decision-making in tools, methods, and environments for project delivery.
  • Broad knowledge of emerging technologies and lessons learned from their application.
  • Risk management in AI, ML, and data science, including ethical considerations.
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken).
  • Fluency in or willingness to learn Korean is a plus for global interactions.

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